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Best Construction Pricing Worldwide

Willing to compete higly competitive market rates, so you can avail the best prices.

Accurate Price

We totally understand accuracy is important to you to achieve your project goals. We promise highly accurate estimates by employing up to date zip code based material and labor costs using RSMeans and our developed cost database.

Fastest Turnaround

We are denoted as the most efficient in Estimating Services throughout the market. We deliver Estimates within 24 hours but our turnaround time is actually dependent on the space of the project. These conditions doesn't apply to the complex Industrial Project Estimates.

Affordable Price

The expert estimation team in our office, we guarantee very affordable prices that are much lesser than the market. Our charges are dependent upon the scope of work and vary from project to project.

We don’t charge extra for amendments and reviews. Our quotations are 99% acceptable by our clients and we encourage them to close deals with negotiations.

Why Swift Structures?

Many contractors lose their money on an average of more than $200,000 per month because they don’t bid due to lack of construction estimation resources and time. Swift Structures is here to provide estimates to contractors so that they can bid more to save their estimating expenses through our expert estimating services. We assist busy contractors with a diverse range of estimating and takeoff services and paving their way toward winning jobs successfully.


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Quality is Our Passion

Quality assurance is our way of preventing mistakes and defects in multiple projects and avoiding problems when delivering projects or services to our customers. Providing confidencial quality assurance is our passion.

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Busisness Planning

We provide the best planning for your business, the methods for attaining those goals, and the time-frame for achievement of those goals.

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Busisness Consultancy

We provide Business consultancy for improving your company operations by assessing weaknesses and recommending business solutions.

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Maintenance professionals help ensure the company's project functions properly and provide safe hand working as needed.

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Risk Management

The identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks and to maximize the realization of opportunities.

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Expert Advisers

Our assistance with advices given by professional experts subjects your business at particular stages

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24/7 Available

We provide 24/7 customer services to assist our customers in making tasks successful. It includes support through every part of construction industry.