Cost Estimating Services

Cost Estimating Services

Cost Estimation

Swift Structures has been in the Construction Cost Estimating Services business for more than 12 years serving Home Builders, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Engineering firms, Architects, Designers, Investors, Owners, and Developers with highly detailed and precise estimates including Material Takeoffs. We have an in house construction estimating team of professional estimators, quantity surveyors, engineers, trade experts, and field superintendents proficient in delivering your Cost Estimates within the fastest turnaround time of 24 Hours.

Design Estimation

Designing firms require estimates throughout the whole phase in order to compare designs to the owner's budget. To assist them, we offer conceptual, Design Building, and comprehensive Construction Cost Estimation Services.

Preliminary Estimate

Preliminary Estimates are used in the early stages of project planning to assist investors and developers to assess the project's feasibility. Based on the data from previous products and partial drawing plans, we deliver the most trustworthy Estimations. Our estimators calculate square footage expenses to assist our clients in determining whether the project is worth it or not.

Budget Estimation

If you're a builder or an owner, the Budget Estimates can assist you in determining the original budget, project financing, verifying contractor bids, and allocating budget restrictions to architects. It also aids in the selection of the appropriate material, as well as efficiency and cost control. Our estimates can give you with the accurate price you need to make judgments about vendor quotations and contractor negotiations to avoid extra working.

Risk Management

The Estimation of the risks involved has a big impact on the odds of your Estimation. Our proven approach and toolset are used to conduct a risk management that is entirely consistent with International Practices (AACE).


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