Construction Estimating Tools (Utilize Best Estimating Software)

Attempting to manually calculate the costs of your building projects puts your company at great danger. One small error in judgment might cause cash flow problems, delay project completion, and even hurt the company’s reputation.

Construction Estimating Tools

Construction estimating tools can assist you in preventing errors by automating most of the construction estimation process.

What are Estimating Tools?

Project managers can use construction project estimating tools to predict costs, timelines, and other aspects of an upcoming project. These estimation tools make it possible to forecast important project components like cost, time, scope, risk, resource, and quality with more accuracy.

Project estimation softwares are used to inform clients about the costs involved in completing a project. The client must be persuaded that the project will be worthwhile by the project manager and that they will receive a return on their investment.

These estimation techniques are necessary for the construction project manager to develop a workable strategy & deliver the project on schedule & under budget.

Construction Estimating Tools Defined

Following are the tools for construction estimating services, explained with detail:

RS Means

With precise building prices, this tool aids contractors in planning their budgets. It generates estimates using square-foot models, assemblies, or unit costs. Also, it can verify unusual expenses and job scopes, mostly used in material takeoffs.

RS Means enables you to access the cloud-based program on your PC or mobile device, search by keyword, bookmark frequently used products, get automated price updates, and more. RS Means software has three tiers, each with a different set of functionality. A free trial is available for some versions prior to purchase.

Plan Swift

An estimation program called Plan Swift is made for both general and specialized contractors. Improvements in accuracy, time savings, and profit margins are all achieved while managing concrete, drywall, electrical, flooring, framing, and other elements.

With point-and-click assistance, users can perform estimation for both simple and complex areas, volumes, items, perimeters, and lengths.

Also, they can drag and drop assemblies to determine costs for things like labor, waste, and materials. Internal, material, and labor calculations are all possible through it.

Pro Est

This software provides estimating tools for civil construction projects, general contractors, and subcontractors. It contains a predictive analysis function that predicts the profitability of upcoming projects using historical data from earlier estimations.

Reports can be produced by the software and distributed to project managers, architects, and engineers. You can keep track of changes to project specs as they happen thanks to its cloud-based platform.

Pro Est also connects with a number of other construction management programs, in order to make the estimate accessible throughout a construction project. Pro Est offers a yearly subscription package that allows unrestricted use, technical support, and training.

Builder Trend

Builder Trend is a cloud-based estimating tool for commercial and specialty contractors. It assists contractors in creating estimates and creating specialized project proposals. To import data for estimates, Builder trend connects with other software, or you can start by using already made templates.

Only one edition of the tool provides functionality for bids and estimates. Builder Trend offers two versions of the program with month-to-month subscription. The software is also available for a free 30-day trial.

Expert Company with Project Tools

Inaccurate estimates are a major factor in building cost overruns, which can financially ruin businesses. Don’t choose construction estimating software that doesn’t completely suit your demands in order to save a few hundred dollars each month because you don’t want to risk bankruptcy. Wisely choose the best construction estimating company for your projects.